COMMUNITY DAY / CENT AUCTION OCT 4TH 2015 COMMUNITY DAY / CENT AUCTION OCT 4TH 2015 Major door prize winner!!! Tui and Mama Ange presenting the major door prize to Mell. Mell was so excited to recieve her prize. Thank you to our awesome friends at Quest Ipswich for donating the major door prize (2 nights accomadtion + breakfast vouchers) 199912508 Cent auction banner 199912509 Community dinner!!! 199912510 199912511 199912512 199912513 199912514 Lina Sui & Tylah Lina was our MC for the day, she did an amazing job!!! 199912515 Some of the awesome prizes 199912516 Our children of the future!! 199912517 More prizes!! 199912518